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While this characteristic can be admirable, it too can lead to their downfall. Obstinate and stubborn, they want to see what they start through, no matter what it takes. They are complex beings who take time getting used to. But being interested in knowing them reveals a character that is likeable and knowledgeable despite the complexities. They can achieve many different things and they are equipped with the temperament to do so.

They are more like a tempest: fierce and powerful. Understandably, wanting a relationship with her might seem scary given the strong nature of their personality. But knowing how to ride along will allow you to see an independent, smart and original woman.

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Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius

The approach of an Aquarius woman to life is grand and humanitarian. They like change and love helping out.

Aquarius man & Aquarius woman comapatibility

Being in a relationship with them will be filled with constant quests to make things better, whether in their lives or within the community. Just like an Aquarius man, an Aquarius woman is also quirky and independent. Smart and conversational, an Aquarius woman can get along with people from all walks of life. Although they may be complex characters, Aquarius women are blessed with a passion that helps them see things through and achieve what they set out to do.

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Given the Aquarius personality traits, their best matches are Sagittarius they tend to dream big and are equally unpredictable , Libra a fellow Air sign with a love of intellectual pursuits and being around people and Gemini a great match considering the their love of ideas, conversation and variety. Both Aquarius men and women are humanitarians, and who better to partner with when wanting to help others than someone who shares similar views?

Given that they might share the same ideas as well, conversation between them will be smooth involving lots of things to talk about. Most importantly, Aquarious personalities know what they want in life and having someone who understands those needs is a great recipe for relationship success. An Aquarius loves independence.

Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man

While both of them may support the want for independence of the other, not being able to compromise might spell doom for the relationship. The Aquarius Man Liberal and independent are the two words that best describe an Aquarius man. This sun sign is very sensible and pragmatic in nature, making them not a very emotional sun sign. Though we also cannot refer them as cold-blooded, it is important to know that they are not very inclined to being too emotive as beings. Thus, on a general note, the Aquarius man Aquarius woman compatibility is a blend of trust, love and reliability, in this relationship.

Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman: The Love Affair Both the male Aquarius and the female Aquarius are not verbally communicative but they have the ability to convey the information that they want to anyway, which is an appreciable quality that they hold, which gives the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman love compatibility a chance to genuinely flourish.

The communication between a Aquarius male and Aquarius female will thus not neccessarily be very vocal at times, but nevertheless, the messages will be conveyed on a level where the two can reciprocate with each other. This duo will share a very natural, enchanting and a delightful love affair with a spiritual essence to it, as they represent the symbol of a Water Bearer. They are also very unpredictable by nature, and any set of events happening between the two Aquarians will not be easily comprehendible.

Both the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman adore friendship, which they look upto.

The initial love affair starts with a good friendship which they really admire in a relationship that they look forward to. Aquarians are very loyal to their partners, and seldom cheat on them, as they believe it is very important in an association like this. They do not appreciate disloyalty and the intention of deceiving one another at any cost. Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman: Level Of Understanding Inspite of them being practical, logical and very unforseeable, the amount of bonding and understanding that an Aquarius man and Aquarius woman will have is immense.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

This sun sign is very thoughtful about their partners and will share a very kind and supportive connection with each other. There is a great amount of appreciation that the Aquarians hold for each other, where they feel a rush of emotions that they will perceive, recognize and acknowledge, for the fellowship that they may experience. To know someone with as certainty as they know themselves is surely a bliss. The Aquarius man wants her Aquarius woman to be something more than just being a typical wife doing her everyday chores.

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He wants her to be a life long partner, and not just marriage wise, but as a friend, a fellow traveller, as someone with whom he can share interesting ideas and opinions with, someone with whom he can share his crazy world and experience, and live them together.

The female Aquarius wants the male Aquarius to be something more than just a loyal and an earning husband.

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  5. She wants to see him as a father figure, a companion, a teacher, and a really good friend who will envisage with her. She wants that particular sense of love that they both had experienced when they first started seeing each other. She wants the charm, enamour and charisma to be twinkling in the relationship as it was in the initial stages of her love life with him which shall make the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman compatibility full of zeal, excitement and fun. This make the Aquarius man compatibility with Aquarius woman a successful association.

    But there are particular things that have to be taken care of. Like, the fact that both the man and woman Aquarius are obstinate in nature, each one of them in their own ways. Also, both the Aquarians are oblivious and sometimes unattentive as they both tend to think a lot. There will be somethings that the male Aquarius wants to change in others and there are somethings that the female Aquarius wants to change in others, but none of them are likely to consider and enhance changes in themselves.

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    This attitude makes it strenous and demanding, to sustain an exquisite connection between this love match. Their adamant nature will make it all the more troublesome to support their relationship. But once they overcome this scenario, the compatibility between Aquarius man and Aquarius woman is surely going to soar higher and higher.

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